Anger Management and Domestic Violence Counseling

At Connecticut Counseling & Wellness (formerly the Counseling Center of Waterbury), we offer anger management and domestic violence counseling.

Very often, due to both the direct effects of various abused substances on behavior, as well as the underlying stresses and conditions that are associated with substance abuse and addiction, individuals find themselves engaging in verbal and /or physical expressions of anger.  These behaviors can lead to legal consequences, troubled relationships, family issues, and the potential for self-harm.  It is important for all concerned to establish the causes of these behaviors, as well as determining if these are long-standing issues or an isolated occurrence.

Our process begins with an assessment including a comprehensive history of the circumstances leading to the need for assistance, followed by an individualized treatment plan based on the findings.  Group counseling, individual session work, or both may be required to address root causes and impart appropriate anger management strategies that work for the client.  As with all of our clinical approaches, the “whole person” concept is employed.

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