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Family Intervention and Recovery Education

Family Intervention and Recovery Education

Here at Counseling Center of Waterbury, we firmly believe that addiction is a family disease. Therefore, in order to give a person with a substance use disorder the best chance for maintaining long-term recovery, active family involvement in the recovery process is essential. Addiction has a way of creating a negative ripple-effect of anger, fear, distrust and resentment throughout the entire family. This is completely understandable and even normal. However, just because these feelings are normal, that does not make them healthy. What families sometimes do not see is that addiction has control over the whole family. Until families take their power back it is very difficult to create an environment conducive to sustained healing. This is why we have designed a holistic family recovery plan that involves working closely with the entire family from pre-intervention with the addicted individual’s family through the Family Intervention and Recovery Education process and then continuing on throughout early recovery.
Evidence shows that one of the most important factors in recovery from addiction is a positive support network. Addiction looks to isolate a person from the world and is largely successful because the symptoms of addiction (lying, stealing, manipulation, etc.) can be so disturbing to witness. Our comprehensive family plan is designed to help families come to an understanding of addiction while also learning new and effective ways of dealing with your loved one without all of the anger and resentment that so often accompanies addiction. It is our hope to bring the entire family together with the potential result being a closer family than ever before. the goal of our Family Intervention and Recovery Education program is to empower families to make the best choices when dealing with the devastation of addiction. It’s time to stop letting addiction run the show. Take your family’s power back!

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Compassionate and Caring Substance Abuse Interventions

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Our Approach to Substance Abuse Intervention

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Wolcott Crossroads sponsors Recovery Road: A Support Group

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Selecting the Appropriate Substance Abuse Intervention

The Importance of an Appropriate Substance Abuse Intervention Approach Change occurs gradually and uniquely in individuals, and so a “one size fit’s all” approach to substance abuse intervention will not usually lead to positive clinical outcomes. At Connecticut Counseling & Wellness, we assess the readiness for change of  individuals who present for treatment based on the… Continue Reading

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