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Family Intervention and Recovery Education

Family Intervention and Recovery Education Here at Counseling Center of Waterbury, we firmly believe that addiction is a family disease. Therefore, in order to give a person with a substance use disorder the best chance for maintaining long-term recovery, active family involvement in the recovery process is essential. Addiction has a way of creating a… Continue Reading

Early Recovery Assistance at Counseling Center of Waterbury

Early Recovery Assistance at Counseling Center of Waterbury What is Early Recovery Assistance? Early recovery can be a very difficult time to navigate. It is a time when people are most vulnerable to relapse into old patterns of behavior which can eventually lead towards relapse into addiction. In the long term, recovery from addiction isn’t… Continue Reading

Empowered Women: A Theraputic Support Group at Counseling Center of Waterbury

What is Empowered Women? Empowered Women is an ongoing, therapeutic support group for women over the age of 18.  This group will utilize evidence based Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to address the many issues that typically occur in women’s lives in order to help them feel empowered to make changes. … Continue Reading

Addiction Treatment: Aftercare That Cares

Continuing Addiction Treatment After Inpatient Stay Evidence strongly suggests that the best chance of achieving sustained recovery from addiction occurs with an overall treatment involvement of 90 days. In most cases, people are typically approved by insurance carriers for 30 days of inpatient addiction treatment and when they return home, options for continuing care are… Continue Reading

Families of Addiction Need Support

Support for Families of Addiction There is no question that families of addiction need support but this need is often clouded by the family’s desire to directly “help” the family member who is addicted.  Let’s review the dynamics of relationships as experienced by the person who is addicted: –  Addiction to a substance is the… Continue Reading

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