Upcoming Events in the Greater Waterbury/Wolcott Area!

These next few weeks promise to be quite busy for us here at CCW, and hopefully for you guys too!  We have a lot of amazing events that we are honored to be a part of.  Info will be posted daily on our Facebook page, but we wanted to get everything out there in one… Continue Reading

What is Mindfulness?

For such a simple concept, mindfulness can be pretty tricky to embrace into our daily lives.  We’re always paying attention to something, sure, but it’s always distracted, or judgmental, or related to the past or future.  Mindfulness can benefit anyone who tries it, and the more it’s practiced the more it becomes natural. Just like… Continue Reading

Mindful Mondays at CCW

With our recent name change, Connecticut Counseling and Wellness is seeking to embrace and put emphasis on the Wellness aspect of recovery.  Broadly defined, wellness is anything healthy we do to take care of ourselves, and typically is something that is done beyond the traditional medical model.  Some examples of wellness include yoga, exercising, and… Continue Reading

Family Intervention and Recovery Education

Family Intervention and Recovery Education Here at Counseling Center of Waterbury, we firmly believe that addiction is a family disease. Therefore, in order to give a person with a substance use disorder the best chance for maintaining long-term recovery, active family involvement in the recovery process is essential. Addiction has a way of creating a… Continue Reading

Three Birds: Structured Extended Care for Young Men

Three Birds: Structured Extended Care for Young Men (18-35) Those of us here at Counseling Center of Waterbury just want to take a moment to introduce you to Three Birds. Three Birds is a new facility located in Durham, Connecticut that offers structured, extended care for young men struggling with substance use disorders. We are… Continue Reading

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