Substance Abuse Evaluations

Compassionate Substance Abuse Evaluations

At Connecticut Counseling & Wellness (formerly the Counseling Center of Waterbury), we offer substance abuse evaluations (or assessments) for adults suffering from the disease of addiction. Quite often, we receive phone calls from potential clients who have recently found themselves in some kind of legal trouble. Regardless of the reason, be it DUI, drug possession, or a custody dispute, the caller is in need of a substance abuse evaluation from a qualified addiction counselor.

Certainly, substance abuse will be the main focal point of the evaluation. However, at Connecticut Counseling & Wellness, we follow a slightly different approach, delving into other factors in addition to the usage of illicit substances. Our approach allows us to “get the whole picture.” From there, we can treat the whole person, not just the disease. Although being in the midst of legal issues often for the first time can be upsetting, we have found that these circumstances can provide the opportunity for self-discovery and improvement. We are sincerely interested in helping you, and are committed to your well-being.

Call us today at 203-596-7870 for an objective, confidential substance abuse evaluation in a compassionate setting for you or for a loved one. We can help.

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