We've changed our name and we've moved to a new location. But we continue to offer the same compassionate and comprehensive, individual, group, and family counseling to adults, adolescents, and families that you've come to expect from us.

Formerly Counseling Center of Waterbury, our new name is Connecticut Counseling & Wellness. We're now located at 1776 Meriden Road, Wolcott, CT 06716.

Substance Abuse Interventions

Substance Abuse Pre-Interventions

During the pre-intervention, our qualified, professional counselors will meet with the family members and/or friends of the individual to educate them about substance abuse and addiction and to learn the extent of the individual’s addiction problem from the family’s point of view. This group will form a team of people who will take part in a formal intervention. A date and time will be set for the intervention and the team will work together to present a consistent, rehearsed message. The client should not be told of this pre-intervention meeting.

Substance Abuse Interventions

The intervention is a carefully planned meeting with one of our professional counselors, the person struggling with addiction and that individual’s family members and/or friends. The client is asked to attend a meeting at the site of the intervention, and is informed of the reason. Members of the group each take turns sharing their concerns about how substance abuse is affecting their lives and the life of the client. Our addiction counselor then presents a treatment plan to the client and he or she is asked to accept that treatment plan right at that moment.

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