Family Issues with Substance Abuse

We Offer Substance Abuse Services
for the Family of the Addict

At Connecticut Counseling & Wellness (formerly the Counseling Center of Waterbury), we offer substance abuse interventions for the family of addicted persons. It is well known that when an individual suffers with an addiction, the people closest to him or her suffer as well. No one with close, loving ties to an individual struggling with substance abuse can escape the effects of this disease. It’s common for family members and friends to feel shame, guilt, and anger when a member of their family abuses substances. It is also common for family members to develop unhealthy habits and ways of coping that enable the addict to continue his or her destructive behavior. This can create a very toxic atmosphere for all family members, including the addict. As such, it can be very beneficial for the entire family to seek treatment. We firmly believe in an approach that treats addiction as a family issue rather than an individual problem and we often see the best results come when a family tries to recover together.

We work with your family to plan an intervention for the family member afflicted with addiction and then we will hold a compassionate intervention with a goal of referral to treatment, out-patient or in-patient depending on the circumstances. If needed, we can refer the client to well-known in-patient substance abuse treatment facilities that offer a minimum of 28 days. While the client is in treatment, the family continues to work on their own recovery with us through individual and family substance abuse counseling. Upon return from treatment, an integrative process is used to start building a healthy family environment.

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