Three Birds: Structured Extended Care for Young Men

Three Birds: Structured Extended Care for Young Men (18-35)

Those of us here at Counseling Center of Waterbury just want to take a moment to introduce you to Three Birds. Three Birds is a new facility located in Durham, Connecticut that offers structured, extended care for young men struggling with substance use disorders. We are truly excited about Three Birds and we were honored when they asked us to help them design and implement the clinical aspect of their extended-stay program. It’s not every day we get to join forces with a group of people who share the same vision of treatment and recovery that we value so much. That is exactly the opportunity we were presented with when Three Birds opened its doors.

We firmly believe then when it comes to recovery, putting down the drink and/or the drug is just the beginning. Recovery is about learning how to live life in a healthier and more meaningful way. The most important part in building a new life is making sure it is built on a solid foundation. The extended care program at Three Birds is designed to do just that. The structured extended care program allows young men the opportunity to learn about and experience life in new ways. In many cases, a newly sober person feels lost. Substance use has been the answer to all of life’s questions and now that answer is gone. The goal of the program at Three Birds is to help clients realize that life after substance use can be fulfilling, worthwhile, and yes, even fun!

I think that’s enough out of us though. Three Birds does a great job of speaking for themselves on their website, take a look!

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