What is Mindfulness?


For such a simple concept, mindfulness can be pretty tricky to embrace into our daily lives.  We’re always paying attention to something, sure, but it’s always distracted, or judgmental, or related to the past or future.  Mindfulness can benefit anyone who tries it, and the more it’s practiced the more it becomes natural. Just like a sport or a second language, practicing mindfulness is the key.  To begin practicing mindfulness today, here are three tips from Lotus Counseling of Connecticut:


So why all the fuss about mindfulness?  Why is it such a buzz word?  Why has it made an appearance on the cover of TIME magazine more than once?

(Go ahead, check it out)

All the fuss is because it works.  Practicing mindfulness daily can actually rewire our brains.  Ours brains can change with intentional practice.  This has been studied extensively- it’s not just talk.  Jon Kabat-Zinn, who was quoted above, has dedicated his professional career to study mindfulness.  He said, “It is what makes us human, what distinguishes us from other animals. We can be aware of being aware.”  We don’t want to bore you with all the science-y stuff, but if you don’t believe us, do your own research.  Look him up, look up evidence for our brains neuro-plasticity and how mindfulness can affect it.

And what about when  it comes to addiction?  Can mindfulness help those struggling with substance use disorders to achieve sobriety?  Sure it can.  Practicing mindfulness daily can help one learn to pay attention to cravings, triggers, and situations with awareness.  It can help end the cycle of impulsively acting on a craving.  For further reading on addiction and mindfulness, check out this great article by Judson Brewer, MD , an emerging leader in mindfulness and addiction research.  This is why, at CCW, we are embracing mindfulness and adding it to the diversity of services already used here.  You can join us for our Mindful Mondays beginning next week, September 19.  There will be a group just for teens and a group for adults related to mindfulness.

Happy Mindful Monday to you all!

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