Our Alternative Approach to Substance Abuse Treatment

We Offer an Alternative Approach to Substance Abuse Treatment in Greater Waterbury, CT

At Connecticut Counseling & Wellness (formerly the Counseling Center of Waterbury), we offer an alternative approach to substance abuse treatment because we recognize that addiction is a treatable disease of the brain that can be overcome with the right treatment. We work diligently with our clients so that they can live healthy, productive lives. But we also know that addiction affects not only the individual suffering from the disease, but also close friends and family. Knowing this, our alternative approach to substance abuse/addiction treatment is unique in that it allows the entire family to heal. First and foremost, we work to get the individual the substance abuse/addiction treatment that they need, but simultaneously, we develop a plan with the family for when the individual gets home. We focus on abstinence, recovery, and healing. We treat the person, not just the disease. Our approach is tailored to meet the full range of needs presented by each individual client and may include any or all of the following treatment options:

  • Pre-intervention
  • Intervention
  • Referral to Treatment
  • Family Counseling Sessions While the Addict is in Treatment
  • Integrative Therapy After Treatment

People who struggle with substance abuse and addiction are quite often in denial about their problem. They deny that they need help and they refuse to seek help. If your loved one suffers from addiction, a formal intervention may be necessary.


One of our qualified, professional counselors will meet with the family members and/or friends of the individual to educate them about substance abuse and addiction and to learn the extent of the individual's addiction problem from the family's point of view. This group will form a team of people who will take part in a formal intervention. A date and time will be set for the intervention and the team will work together to present a consistent, rehearsed message. The client should not be told of this pre-intervention meeting.


Next, it's time for the intervention. But what is an intervention? It's a carefully planned meeting with one of our professional counselors, the person struggling with addiction and that individuals family members and/or friends. The client is asked to attend a meeting at the site of the intervention but no reason for the meeting is given. Members of the group each take turns sharing their concerns about how substance abuse is affecting their lives and the life of the client. Our addiction counselor then presents a treatment plan to the client and he or she is asked to accept that treatment plan right at that moment.

Referral to Substance Abuse/Addiction Treatment

The best possible outcome of an intervention is that the individual suffering from addiction acknowledges that he or she needs help. Depending upon our clients' individual needs, our counselors then determine which substance abuse treatment would be best suited. We refer our clients to inpatient substance abuse treatment programs or, if possible, we enroll them in one of our outpatient substance abuse treatment programs.

Family Counseling Sessions While the Addict is in Treatment

Substance abuse is a disease with far-reaching repercussions. The addict is affected greatly, of course. But family members and friends are also affected greatly by their loved ones' substance abuse as well. As such, it's equally important to treat family members while the addict is in treatment. Family members and and friends can become ensnared in a cycle of enabling behavior and codependency with the addict prior to substance abuse treatment. Just as the addict must change his or her behavior if he or she wants to recover, these family members and friends must change their behavior as well if they want the addict to recover. It's vital to remove the toxic atmosphere that was surrounding the addict prior to treatment. It's vital to change that toxic behavior that enabled the addict in the first place. We provide workshops for our clients' family members and friends to help them recognize their patterns of negative behavior and to assist them in coping with an addict on his or her road to recovery.

Integrative Therapy After Treatment

At Connecticut Counseling & Wellness, we our success rate is due to our alternative approach to substance abuse/addiction treatment. After the addict completes an inpatient or outpatient substance abuse treatment program, we continue our counseling with integrative therapy that treats the cause of the substance use and abuse as opposed to treating the symptoms of addiction. Addiction is a disease of the brain. As such, our alternative approach to substance abuse treatment helps to heal the brain of the individual suffering from addiction in order to prevent relapse.

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