Adolescent Substance Abuse Services

Connecticut Counseling & Wellness (formerly the Counseling Center of Waterbury) offers a number of different adolescent substance abuse services to young people in the greater Waterbury, CT area who have been affected by or afflicted with addiction. This disease affects not only the substance abuser but also his or her loved ones.  Also, we firmly believe in the concept of prevention with the adolescent population as a form of early intervention.  We address these concerns by offering the following options:

  • Groups for adolescents focusing on refusal skills, self-esteem, decision making, substance abuse education, and other topics.
  • Individual counseling for adolescents who are themselves afflicted with substance abuse issues.
  • Individual counseling for adolescents who are dealing with the substance abuse behaviors of others in the family or peer group.
  • Participation in Family Process Groups that allows sharing of experience in coping with the addictive behaviors of others.


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