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Generation Found- Review, Reaction, and Reflection.

Generation Found- Review, Reaction, and Reflection.

Generation Found was screened at the Brass Mill Cinemas this past Thursday, and it was a success.  With over 50 people in the audience, it certainly was enough to call it a showing.  Generation Found is a heartfelt documentary about a recovery high school out west that is setting a trend.  It talks about the current drug epidemic, which is killing our kids at a faster rate than ever.   But beyond talking about the problem, it offers a solution.  Basically, the idea is: if a kid spends 2 weeks-1 month-even 6 months- in some type of residential recovery program and then is immediately returned to the same environment, the chances of them staying sober is slim to none.  So let’s give these kids another option.  Let’s set them up at a recovery high school, where everyone around them is sober.  Let’s drug test them, support them, counsel them, and love them.  Let’s not punish them.  Let’s hold them to a high standard, while giving them a second chance.

So how realistic is this?  “What will it take to get one of these in our state?”, asked Joe Dunn, of Crossroads Wolcott, in a Q & A with Greg Williams (director of the film) and the staff of CCW after the movie.  This led to about a half hour conversation, at 9:30 PM, on a school night, with educators present in the room, about how we can implement this in the state.  We learned that there is already a task force investigating bringing a recovery high school to CT. They are going to bordering states (NY and MA) and learning about how they are doing it there.  We talked about finances, politics, insurance, the school system, and other factors that make it difficult.  But what was clear, was that everyone at the movies, had a vested interest in seeing a recovery high school in CT.

Reach out to us at CCW with your email address if you’d like to stay up to date with the progress we are making at getting a recovery high school in CT.  We can also let you know about upcoming legislative actions that can be done.  Your voice matters.  One voice alone may not sound like much, but the voice of all us, together, can make a difference.


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