Just Another Mindful Monday Here at CCW

Just Another Mindful Monday Here at CCW

“While enjoying some time to reflect this morning I was hit suddenly by the realization that we only have today.  I often think or say “one day at a time”, but am I truly living and present in this one day?  This one moment given to me by my Higher Power?  Or am I living in what’s already done and cannot be changed?  Or maybe trying to peak at a moment that is not here yet?  Today I am present to serve and share whatever the day may bring with gratitude, an open mind, and a joyful heart”.

-Jerry Marcil, Director of CCW.

Have you taken time to reflect today?  At CCW, we are learning that mindfulness and wellness are contagious.  The above quote, from Jerry Marcil, was sent to the CCW team this morning as a gentle reminder.  We often check in with each other regarding our health and wellness, both physical and emotional.

Who do you check in with?  It’s important to do self-reflection, but it’s just as important to have people you trust that you can share these thoughts and reflections with.  After all, we’re all in this together.

Just a reminder that our Mindful Monday groups begin next week!  From 4-5 PM there will be a teen group, and from 5:30-6:30 there will be a group for adults.  Both groups will incorporate mindfulness and other therapeutic techniques to reduce stress.


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